About $CFUN

$CFUN functions as the governance token within the Crystal Fun gaming meta-ecosystem, with a total supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens. It serves various utilities as well as enhancing gameplay experience. Additionally, $CFUN holders wield governance rights across the entire Crystal Fun gaming mega-ecosystem, governing both ecosystem development and individual games within it.

Use Case of $CFUN

  1. Holding $CFUN enables participation in voting and governance within the Crystal Fun gaming ecosystem.

  2. In the Crystal Fun gaming ecosystem, every upcoming game will involve burning $CFUN tokens. Certain core features within the games require players to permanently burn $CFUN to activate them. For instance, in OUTER, constructing spaceships, creating guilds, or declaring war will burn $CFUN.

  3. Staking $CFUN allows users to engage in on-chain mining and earn rewards.

  4. Staking $CFUN can influence gameplay mechanics and directions within the games. For example, affecting the spawn locations of world bosses in OUTER.

Ways to Acquire $CFUN

Users can acquire $CFUN through the following means:

  1. Participating in early testing or ecosystem events of Crystal Fun games and receiving corresponding rewards.

  2. Achieving seasonal rankings in Crystal Fun games after their official launch to earn ecosystem rewards.

  3. Holding Crystal NFTs or advancing in platform membership levels can yield ecosystem airdrop rewards in Crystal Fun.

  4. Staking Crystal NFTs for mining activities can earn $CFUN rewards.

  5. Post token generation event (TGE), users can directly purchase $CFUN on secondary markets such as DEX/CEX platforms.

$CFUN Deflation Mechanism

  1. In the future, all revenues generated within the Crystal Fun ecosystem (from user lotteries, top-ups, fees, etc.) will be used for the repurchase of $CFUN.

  2. With each new game introduced in the Crystal Fun ecosystem, there will be a burning mechanism applied to $CFUN tokens.






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Vesting Schedule

The vesting schedule of $CFUN will be released with the token listing plan.

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