About $OTT

$OTT is a utility token within the OUTER game, circulating exclusively within the game environment and not issued on blockchain. While there is no fixed total supply, the daily production of $OTT is strictly limited by the game's servers.

Ways to Acquire $OTT

  1. Completing daily tasks within the game rewards players with $OTT.

  2. Completing the game's tutorial grants players $OTT rewards.

  3. Exploring galaxy clues yields $OTT rewards.

  4. Engaging in trade activities within the game earns players $OTT rewards.

  5. Establishing taxation on planets enables players to earn $OTT rewards.

  6. Purchasing $OTT directly through the $OTT/$USDT exchange on the Crystal Fun platform.

Use Case of $OTT

$OTT can be utilized across various scenarios within the game, including but not limited to:

  1. Upgrading ships, components, modules, etc.

  2. Purchasing materials to construct spaceships, space stations, buildings, etc.

  3. Teleporting to specific locations within the universe.

  4. Establishing guilds, upgrading guild technology, etc.

  5. Repairing and rebuilding damaged spaceships.

$OTT/$USDT Exchange

The OTT/USDT exchange is a vital feature on the Crystal Fun web platform, dedicated to facilitating the exchange between the OUTER game token $OTT and USDT. Within the game, players earn $OTT through various activities, and the exchange provides a platform for players to sell their earned $OTT for $USDT. For players in need of $OTT, they can directly purchase it using $USDT. This exchange mechanism allows players to sell their $OTT and receive $USDT in return, enabling them to convert their in-game value into a stable market currency.

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